At Blanket Box, we understand the importance of comfort and dignity in long wait situations.

That’s why we provide a variety of quality blankets, personal care items, and comfort products, available on demand through our smart vending machines.

Our practical and thoughtful solutions are tailored to enhance customer satisfaction, restoring basic dignity to tough situations.

We meet families and patients where they are, increasing both their morale, and the employees who serve them.

Our Story

After experiencing long, uncomfortable waits at hospital ERs with limited resources available, we knew something needed to change. So we founded Blanket Box in 2024 to meet the need for clean, quality care items during times of duress.

We’ve since learned that over 52% of emergency room patients nationwide report waiting over an hour, and more than a fifth of patients report waiting over 4 hours. Indeed, equally as important is the perception of wait time; patients with an unpleasant waiting room experience at the ER were 9 times more likely to be dissatisfied with their overall experience, impacting not only their perception of a location, but their responsiveness to continuing and follow-up care.

We dream of a day when everyone has access to quality personal and comfort items regardless of their situation. At Blanket Box we use automated solutions to provide this access on demand, ensuring everyone’s comfort is covered.

Committed to People

As a small local startup, we value people and relationships first. Focused on professionalism and responsiveness, we can quickly adjust to the needs of both our customers and our hosting locations. We guarantee the visual appeal and cleanliness of our machines, and we work with each location we serve to ensure improved customer satisfaction metrics.

Guided by compassion, we donate a portion of our proceeds to nonprofits focused on improving the comfort and dignity of the most vulnerable in the city.

Indeed, our background as academics and educators working with vulnerable populations leaves us uniquely positioned to advocate and employ those in need. In addition to working with charitable organizations with a shared commitment to basic human dignity, Blanket Box plans to accept TANF and prioritize the hiring of veterans who have served our country and returning citizens who have demonstrated they are worthy of another chance.